I hereby authorise Change Recruitment Group to commence work finding services on my behalf.
I confirm that the information I have given is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the subsequent discovery of any false or misleading information may lead to the withdrawal of any offer of employment or, if established after commencement of employment, termination of the employment. Change Recruitment Group will not request any references without my consent.
I acknowledge that to attempt to gain employment by deception is a criminal offence.
I am aware that the personal data relating to myself (including, where relevant, sensitive personal data) whether obtained from myself of from any other source, will be retained by Change Recruitment Group for the purposes of providing me with temporary work and/or employment opportunities.
I acknowledge that this may require my personal data to be forwarded to other persons for the purpose of finding me work and for other lawful purposes related to Change Recruitment Group services.
I understand and agree, where applicable, that Change Recruitment Group may pass information contained within and resulting from my application (including reference, credit checks and criminal record disclosures received and all forms completed by me) to any companies who act as a “managing agent for recruitment”* following an offer of temporary employment. This information may be sued by the “managing agent for recruitment” for the purpose of processing my application, ongoing personal administration (where applicable), additional screening required by the “managing agent for recruitment” and other lawful  purposes related to my temporary assignment at, or employment with, the “managing agent for recruitment”’s specified organisation.
*”Managing agent for recruitment” will be a specified organisation who manage the recruitment, application process an required compliance and due diligence for specified companies.