Employment rates in the UK are soaring, giving companies a smaller pool of talent to choose from. In this competitive recruitment market, the job offer is becoming a frustrating stage in the hiring experience.

After investing so much time and money into recruitment, no one wants to deal with the possibility of rejection. If you're struggling to attract talent, it's time to consider the 5 reasons your applicants go elsewhere.

1. A Lengthy Hiring Process

According to a 2017 study, 45% of candidates reject offers because they were unimpressed with the hiring process. The time it takes to get a job offer is a serious problem. According to HR Directors, the average recruitment process in the UK takes 27.59 days. This is a world apart from candidate expectation. Your employees want to be interviewed and hired in a matter of days. The volume of CVs a company must sort through leads to wasted time. Working with a specialist recruitment agency to narrow down your choices allows you to speed up the process and saves time.

2. The Remuneration Isn't Right

Across all sectors, candidates are looking for more than just money. They want a work environment that has a focus on wellbeing and growth. However, the people on your team still need to know that they're getting the salary they deserve. Choosing a realistic and competitive figure helps to attract and retain the best people for your company. Speak to your recruitment agency to get an overview of the average remuneration for your role. If you can't go above and beyond your competitors, consider the wider remuneration package. Some examples that candidates value are;

·         Flexible working hours

·         The opportunity to work remotely

·         A sabbatical after a certain number of years of service

·         Individual training budgets

·         Birthdays as a holiday

·         Private healthcare that can be extended to include family  

3. There's No Opportunity for Progression

Because career goals aren't static, the most attractive factor of any new role is the opportunity for growth. Employers can make their offers more appealing by going beyond the benefits of the role now, to discover what it can bring in the future. Ask interview questions that reveal the career path your candidate is looking for. Discuss how you can support each potential employees personal and professional goals. For instance, can you offer to support continuing professional development to gain further qualifications? What examples can you share of the type of projects current employees have been involved in or the secondments that have been created to develop existing talent. This will demonstrate to candidates how seriously your company takes growth and development.  

4. Your Company Culture Isn't Right

The Deloitte Human Capital Trends study highlights the rise of the social enterprise, which demonstrates a shift in how companies are thinking. Organisations are now judged based on how they engage their employees and the things they do to strengthen company culture. No matter which sector you're in, your employees will want to feel comfortable and supported in their role. Creating the right company culture means helping your staff to work well together, avoiding conflict, and offering opportunities for greater work/life balance. Assess your current company culture and ask team members what they'd like you to work on, from remote working opportunities to better communication strategies. Highlight those fixes when speaking to potential hires.

5. You Haven't "Sold" the Role

Finally, hiring the best people means convincing those stars that you're the best employer around. Excellent candidates see beyond the title of a job and salary. Instead, they look at the bigger picture and assess the overall opportunity. Make sure that you highlight the most valuable parts of the role, including:

·         The company culture

·         The standard of leadership they'll be working with

·         The projects/accounts they'll be working on

·         Your companies plans for the future and what this means for employees and career opportunities.


Take the time to define your company’s USPs, whether that is the quality of clients and types of projects a new employee would be working with or the chance to have a role that involves European or international travel. Remember, an interview is a two-way selling process, it’s no longer just the candidate who has to sell themselves in an interview.


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