Applying for a new job can be a scary transition. You need to navigate the application process, negotiate contracts and then make a good impression once you start.

But what happens when you also have to move countries?

We spoke with Nick Crawley, a Senior Auditor at BDO Luxembourg, to find out what it’s like to work with Change Recruitment and move abroad to pursue new career opportunities.

How did you first come to work with Change?

I’d originally heard about Change when working in recruitment, so I was excited when Jenni Kerr reached out to me via LinkedIn.

What was your first impression of Change & Jenni?

I was enticed by Jenni’s offer as she was looking for a decent candidate for business development and I thought it was particularly relevant to my situation.

What was the interview process like?

The interview process was very straight-forward as it was one 90 minute Skype interview with a mix of general and technical questions in mostly English, but also German. As it was on Skype, I only had to dress-up my top half, and my cat interrupted the interview to say hello!

What support did Change give you during the application process?

Jenni advised me on what salary to pitch, which was really useful and may have potentially bagged me a higher salary.

What support did Change give you after you received the offer?

Jenni was very helpful in helping me to chase my new company’s HR department to sort everything out as I had lots of questions and needed to get all the documentation sorted.

What made you decide to move to Luxembourg?

There were several reasons I decided to move abroad. I wanted a new job to develop my career and needed to make a move as there weren’t any opportunities at my work at the time. I also wanted to return to mainland Europe and Luxembourg seemed like the perfect opportunity. It made sense to move there as I’d be close to my friends in Germany.

How are you finding life in Luxembourg?

I really love it and hope to stay permanently, but it depends on my personal circumstances. I find life here very similar to life in the UK; for example, local people have a similar attitude to socialising and enjoying their beer & wine!

How has moving to Luxembourg helped your career?

Ask me again in October, when I’ll know more about my promotion.

Would you recommend Change Recruitment to your colleagues?

Yes, definitely. In fact, I’ve already recommended Change to others as Jenni is excellent to work with as she’s very candidate focused and provides useful advice. She also seems to have a good understanding of what I do and how she can help me progress my career, something that most other recruiter’s don’t offer.

Change Recruitment also appears to have a good base of clients and positive reputation, which means they can open more doors and get candidates interviews. They don’t waste your time, but actually help you find a new job.

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