Craig McKellar joined Change in May 2016 to work in our Risk and Compliance team, having had a career as a Big 4 auditor for over 5 years.

It was a natural fit for Craig’s next career step that allowed him to use his commercial and creative skills.

Just over a year prior, Craig bit the bullet of pursuing a dream he had for a number of years to start his own smart casual shirt brand, a step that has recently seen him supplying two of his designs to an independent menswear brand in Edinburgh.

During Craig’s recruitment process it was evident that his commercial flair and passion were great attributes that he could bring to Change, and as a group Change is highly supportive of individuals with entrepreneurial flair and passions out-with the workplace, so it was a perfect match.

In a recent Q&A with Craig, he was keen to point out. 

“During my interview process, Change were keen to emphasise that they were highly supportive of entrepreneurial flair, however you do hear a lot of things like this when organisations are trying to entice you to join.  My experience since joining Change has however completely backed this up and was re-emphasised in August when I sold my first shirt, and got a round of applause from the whole office, with my colleagues sharing in my success!”

“Setting up a business with all that goes with it, gives me a great insight into our clients and the business stresses that they go through in taking new products to market, and this in combination with my technical experience as an auditor really allows me to assess technical and organisational fits when working with our clients to identify talent for them, and advising candidates on their career progression.”

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