Change is committed to continuous improvement in managing the environmental impact of our business operations, including the proper management and monitoring of waste, the reduction of pollution and emissions, compliance with environmental legislation and environmental codes of practice, training for staff and the monitoring of environmental performance. This policy forms part of our Social Value commitment.
We comply with all relevant legislative, regulatory and other environmental requirements in order to act in a socially responsible manner and we will strive to continuously improve our environmental performance. We put our policy into practice by recognising the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; taking advice from Scottish Government and seeking to comply with the international environment code ISO 14001.
Reduce: We purchase products that require less packaging or limit the waste we produce;
Reuse: Use a travel mug or reusable water bottle and avoid single-use bags; and
Recycle: Paper, plastic, glass, magazines, electronics and recycle any other materials which use fewer natural resources and less energy. Our business activities result in: emissions to air and water, the use of energy and water, the generation of waste and transport emissions

Targets and Monitoring

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Target Activity/Improvement

Reduce energy usage




Our Glasgow and Edinburgh
offices both
operate automated

Auto screen save (on monitors) after 5 minutes




Minimise paper usage


Improve our current rate of
recycling 90% of all paper
Automatic double side printing to all network
First medium of communication is via PC
rather than paper.
Further reduce unnecessary
business travel
Use of Link video conferencing and audio call
technology to reduce travel for business
Free rail passes to our staff travelling between
Glasgow and Edinburgh office to reduce the
use of cars
Minimise the generation of
waste and further promote
the recycling that has been
implemented in both offices
Use of confidential waste bins, distinct from
recycling bins for newspapers/
magazines/cans/general waste/plastic.
Inform and encourage staff at
all levels to act in an
environmentally responsible
manner and provide training
where necessary
100% staff awareness of
company environmental and
sustainability policies
Encourage feedback from staff on
improvements and feed these into the Policy.
Clean desk policy.
Recycle and “Gift” electronic
waste including redundant
PCs, desktops printers
H2 project in 2016 with regards to obsolete IT
equipment across Glasgow and Edinburgh
offices, covering PC and Telephony.
Develop sustainable
procurement policy for office
related supplies with a strong
social value clause
Further reduce Change's
environmental footprint, by
considering our supply
chain's environmental
Procurement Policy including supply chain
/social value by 2016
Prevention and Planning
H2 2016 – Change will take
the Zero Waste Challenge
Audit to further reduce and prevent further
waste and improve our environmental impact.

The Environmental Policy and its targets are the responsibility of the Operations Manager. Monitoring of targets is reported to the Leadership Team on an annual basis.