The holy grail for any organisation is to have a tranche of high performing teams as part of their organisation. Here at Change Recruitment, we work with sectors as diverse as Accountancy and Finance; Investment Management and Asset Servicing; Risk and Compliance; IT, Digital and Business Change; Marketing; Business Services and Construction and Building Services. Quite a diverse group.

Our experience over 45 years working across these sectors is that building a high performing team in each discipline is similar and stays true to performance principles that are working today. Today we want to share, from our observations, what makes the difference in the teams and organisations where we work as their recruiting partner.

1. Step Up To The Plate Because It Starts With You

Let’s be honest high performing teams rarely have an average manager at the helm, do they? Instead, they are led by strong women and men who are confident leaders with a vision. In autumn last year the CIPD produced a report about lack of engagement in our workforce in the UK and the issues it creates.

One interesting piece of data stated that by companies improving engagement with their leaders, this could increase engagement between leaders and their teams by 39%; evidence indeed that strong leadership produces high performing teams.

2. Goal Setting Is A Two Way Process

Goals may not be the sexiest thing to write about, however, they are what drives our organisations. The goals your staff have in their sight needs to be apparent and universal. If your team does not have a shared mission, then they are a group of people working independently. Your goals must connect people as a unit. If you have multiple results in mind, it is critical that they are directly linked to the company vision, business priorities and objectives. 

Each team member should understand how their efforts day to day contribute towards the team and business realising success and the vision. The more obvious their path is, the less likely they are to stray from it. 

3. Recruit Into Your Gap Areas

Though the title of this post is how high performing teams are made, at some point, you will need to add skilled individuals to plug the gaps. It is rare that a team of inexperienced individuals will deliver the results you want overnight. Therefore, it is imperative to recruit the right people into your organisation. Evaluate what you need a new team member to deliver or what expertise you lack, then instruct your recruiting partner to recruit against these criteria.

4. Manage Performance And Expectations

One of the critical issues behind why teams fail is their lack of clear expectations and management. Many teams are unclear about what precisely is expected of them. As a manager, I suspect that at some point you have communicated an instruction only to wonder later if the team member in question heard you!

If one of your goals is to develop a high performing unit, then you will need to make your expectations crystal clear.

5. Keep Communication Channels Open… Always

One of the traits of an exceptional team is the right amount of open and honest conversation.  As a leader with a vision, it is up to you to ensure that there's a process in place to encourage communication. This might be a private online chat group alongside regular team, department or company meetings.

6. Feedback Feedback Feedback

Course correction is the name of the game with any high-performance unit. As a strong leader, you must jump in when things go off track; as they will. Tackling performance issues is never easy, however, if it is not handled fast, it does fester, and before you know where you are, everything is off beam.

Communicating with your employees and giving regular developmental feedback will help them to understand what they need to do, to correct inefficiencies or problems in their performance.

7. Appreciation And Recognition

Last, though certainly not least, your employees are happiest when they feel appreciated and recognised at work. Since satisfied team members are also the most engaged and productive in the workforce, it makes sense to ensure you are taking every chance possible to thank your people for their work and acknowledge the effort they are making. 

While developing a high performing team is not straightforward in today's business culture, it is one of the most predictable ways to improve the growth of your organisation.

About Change Recruitment

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