You may have noticed some new faces in our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices.  Join us as we get to know them a bit better. You may even discover a good talking point for striking up a conversation with our newest recruit.

Join us as we speak with experienced recruitment professional Scott Maxwell to find out what makes him tick and his view on recruitment and the market he works in. 

Hometown: Currently Dunbar, but I’ve lived around various parts of Scotland so a bit of a Nomad!

Best thing about your hometown: The beaches! You get plenty of fresh air in Dunbar.

Superpower: Being able to see into the future! How good would that be?!

Where were you before joining Change? 

Hudson and before that, Search Recruitment.

How long have you worked in Investment & Risk recruitment? 

A long time!!

What’s your favourite part about the Investment & Risk market? 

The skills are constantly evolving and in-demand, due to regulatory change across the landscape.

How have you seen the recruitment industry change over your career? 

I no longer have to fax CV’s or add notes to a rolodex.

What trends do you think will impact it in the next 5 years? 

We’ll need to understand where the demand for talent will focus and specialise even further in these vertical markets.  If it’s easy, it’ll be done by other people or automated.

What initially attracted you to the position at Change?

You’d have thought working for Mark Wilson before would be enough to put someone out of the recruitment game altogether, but it was his leadership and support that finally enticed me over.  After only a few weeks into the business, I should have done it sooner! We have a great wealth of experienced talent across our business that we can use to make a great business even better.

What are you most looking forward to?  

Doing a great job with like minded colleagues whilst having fun!  

Where do you see your career in 5 years?  

With 2 kids still at school (currently 13 & 10), unfortunately I won't be sunning myself on the Cote D’Azur on the back of a superyacht!

Favourite holiday? 

Disneyland Orlando with the family - we still talk and reminisce about it to this day!!

Most famous person ever met? 

Glen Michael (and Paladin) at the Post Office in Ayr.

Seen any good movies or read any good books lately?

I watched Pulp Fiction again a few weeks ago and it quickly reminded me why it’s my favourite film of all time!  

Next on my book list is “How to be right in a world gone wrong” by James O’Brien.

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