You may have noticed some new faces in our Glasgow office.  Join us as we get to know them a bit better. You may even discover a good talking point for striking up a conversation with our newest recruits.

We sat down with Stuart McKechnie to learn more about his background and what he enjoys doing in his free time. Stuart has joined our Glasgow office as a Sales Support Associate. ·      



Where were you before joining Change? 


What’s your favourite thing about recruitment so far? 

Helping people get jobs

What initially attracted you to the position at Change? 

Being able to join a company with a great reputation for recruiting

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Meeting & Working with new colleagues

Favourite holiday? 

Berlin 2018    

Most famous person ever met?

Simon Pegg     

Seen any good movies or read any good books lately? 

The Invisible Man (2020), Agency by William Gibson