In today’s increasingly volatile world, it is difficult to speculate and predict the course of events in the year ahead.  Shifting attitudes, nationalism in politics, and rapid technological changes are all contributing to significant uncertainty in the global environment. All these factors have had a significant impact on the global recruitment market, making it all the more important to improve for future self-development (s).  It is with this in mind that we present this insight from Global clients which we hope will contribute effectively to active preparation and increase confidence and self-belief prior to interviews. This should result in increased levels of success and the ability to secure that job you want.  

If you plan on a career move in 2018, read the top 5 interview preparations guidelines our clients and leaders are talking about. From essential company information required and tangible achievements to effective and new techniques for interviews.  Find out how to maximise your performance at interview with the right preparation in 2018

With this guide, you will learn:

  • Top 5 interview components that can impress business leaders
  • Why these tips matter for you
  • Ways to adopt new preparation approaches

Company information

With so much information available at the touch of a button, the challenge for job seekers can often be deciding on what areas to focus on.  To make a significant impression, candidates MUST assess the employers position in the market place i.e. their financial statement, company vision and values, what challenges they face competitively and economically.  This useful research should help analyse what “value” the professionals can add to the business.  Decision makers NEED satisfaction that future employers will and can make that IMPACT to achieve their marginal gains.

In such a competitive market, the research and facts above will create confidence and impressive conversations when answering challenging questions.

Tangible Achievements

In addition to essential company information, tangible achievements are vital when discussing key successes. The requirement for profit figures for businesses in such a sensitive market is far greater than ever before.  Therefore, achievements that are tangible can shape the interview and influence confidence level of the decision makers.  Self-analysis and demonstration of what impact you can make to future employers is key. 

For example:

  • Built a team from 8 to 15 in quarters 3 and 4 
  • Implemented processes which reduced costs savings of 17% for the year
  • Generated business revenue worth $700k in Quarter 1

Decision makers will react positively, show more interest and visualise how the partnership/employment could work.

Tool for Answering Questions

If the points above are researched and conveyed correctly, this additional tool is a clever way to create a path to pitch your core expertise.  For example, when asked “What do you know about our business?”   If answered impressively (based on your research) you could start by stating “am I right in saying” or finish by asking “is this correct?”  The interviewer should naturally elaborate on certain facts which leads you to say “I’m glad you mentioned this point about……as this is/was one of my core areas of expertise at/during my time with X company” When attending an interview, we are all brimming with examples we wish to shout about.  The method above helps deliver these professionally.


With every questions asked, it is important to seize the opportunity and pitch yourself as the right candidate for the role, by simply providing relevant examples. Create a link with the answers provided between yourself and the firm, bringing it back and reaffirming why they should pick you.

Even when answering:

  • “What do you know about our business?”  Answer could be:  “I researched the business is strong on corporate responsibility which I can relate to based on the charity work I was involved in my previous firm”
  • “I noticed on the company statement an increase in revenue on a specific product or service line.  Is this correct?”.........I’m glad you mentioned this as I was heavily involved in projects related to this recently”……

Be careful, there needs to be a fine line in pitching well without it being an overkill.  Be subtle and clever with your answers.

Business Plan

Regardless of the level you are interviewing for, it is good practice to visualise and outline a plan of action for your first 3, 6 or 9 months.  This method when preparing for an interview helps you think about what core information you need to overcome any possible challenges you may envisage.  Equally, this demonstrates the impact you can make in the early part of your career with the firm.

It is never required to present such a plan unless asked.  In my Global Recruitment experience, outlining a business plan produces a higher success rate during an interview, defines your determination for the role and brand.  It triggers interesting, impressive and technical questions to be asked during or at the end of the interview.  In return the interviewer sees you in a different light….

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