When Change Recruitment first opened it’s doors in the 1970s; it was still common for employees to leave their chosen University and join an organisation where they would then spend the majority of their working lives.

Fast forward to today, and ambitious financial professionals appreciate that to develop their career they will move several times. An interesting post on the FT website suggests you plan for at least five career moves during your working lifetime.

Financial professionals are not afraid to switch companies as they climb the career ladder, especially the increasing number of Millennial employees. Even if you are ready to move on from your current company, you need to consider when to make this transition to maximise the potential your future career path holds.

Timing Is Everything

If you are currently working for a company that pays bonuses, payouts generally occur around the end of the first quarter. I am sure you have worked hard to earn your financial reward, and you will feel much better about leaving if you wait until you receive it.   After the Spring break, we see more inquiries from candidates and more opportunities from our clients. ‘New year and new start’ seems a logical decision and yet our recruitment experience demonstrates that most organisations are tied up with year-end in January and February, and the real recruiting drive and hence we see increased opportunities in Spring.

Next Steps

  • Focus on what you have achieved in your current and previous roles.
  • Quantify.
  • Don't list a range of tasks but focus on the outcomes/deliverables of your work and experience and provide verifiable evidence
  • Bullet point achievements and critical points rather than writing them in paragraphs.
  • Make each point clear and succinct and don’t include too many points on your list.
  • If you would like a CV writing refresher, you can access our previous, 10 top tips for CV writing post here.

At the same time update your Current LinkedIn profile. See our recent post: Your LinkedIn Profile: Are You Using All Of It’s New Features where we highlight the new features you can now use.

Set Up A Call With One Of Our Consultants

There is a clue in our title as confirmed by Wikipedia; “A consultant’s role is to provide expert advice professionally.”

At Change, we have a fantastic team of individuals, each of whom is a subject matter expert in their market, and when you speak to one of our team, you will be dealing with someone whose knowledge and expertise you can trust.

The team at Change Recruitment include a range of specialisms in different areas of the market including, temporary interim and permanent roles both here in the UK and globally.

Your first conversation will enable us to identify who is the most appropriate consultant to work with considering what you want to achieve and when. We can then talk through your personal goals and relevant timelines.

This will allow us to match you with the organisation that is the best fit for you now. Securing your next move takes both planning, preparation and knowledge of the market; especially the best times of year to make your move. Having this awareness of the accountancy and finance recruiting cycle will enable you to position yourself in the right place at the right time.  

About Change Recruitment

Change is a specialist recruitment consultancy based in Scotland.  We have a strong reputation for service delivery. With a global reach, we work across the UK, EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pac, locating exceptional talent for some of the world’s leading organisations.  With over 45 years in the recruitment industry, our areas of expertise include; Accountancy and Finance; Investment Management and Asset Servicing; Risk and Compliance; IT, Digital and Business Change; Marketing; Business Services and Construction and Building Services. To get in contact with our friendly team. Email us here or call Glasgow +44(0141) 226 3101 or Edinburgh +44(0131)225 7744.