Market Update

December 2016


Accountancy & Finance

Financial Services
  • Strong vacancy flow for interim vacancies across retail and investment banking clients in Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • Specific interim skills are to cover ‘backfill’ pools with clients to support on project needs – financial control, year-end reporting
  • Permanent recruitment plans are strong for Q1 2017 and clients looking to hire in to mi- market positions for experienced hires
  • Continued demand for Tax, regulatory reporting and controls oversight roles  
For further information, please contact either Scott Taylor or Chris Donald.
Commerce and Industry  
  • Sustained confidence from businesses across sectors resulting in a high number permanent and interim vacancies
  • Candidate availability remains tight with job seekers having multiple offers
  • Number of West Coast businesses have made redundancies affecting finance which may impact on direct attraction models versus agency use in to 2017
  • Signs of movement at the senior vacancy level and an active candidate population

For further information, please contact Ross Gunn.

Public Practice
  • Sustained vacancy flow within all service lines, Aberdeen recruitment remains positive as well as senior level appointments
  • Increased number of counter offers and competition from commerce firms
  • Seasonal demand for Tax and Audit candidates as well as technical specialists to handle regulatory changes

For further information, please contact Victoria Cameron.


  • Senior Appointment sector within Accountancy and Finance International has increased in the emerging market i.e. Africa and Middle East.  Requirement remain specific on certain expertise i.e. expertise in growth, strategy and operation
  • The demand for Financial Services Auditors has slowed in Channel Islands and Isle of Ma. 
  • Caribbean are specific in their needs and seeking Audit/Advisory profiles with developed country expertise i.e. USA and UK
  • Western Europe Practice Firms continue their growth in Transaction Services professionals with language skills i.e. German and French speakers
  • Far East Consultancy and Finance Firms maintain their desires for quality professionals. However, processes in decision making is proving to take longer

For further information, please contact Ibi Kabir.

IT, Digital & Change  

  • A number of change initiatives across a variety of our clients, with the remainder still actively looking to bring about mandatory/regulatory changes means that it is anticipated that both contract and permanent recruitment will increase, particularly between January and May 2017.
  • We are seeing requests for Project Managers with specific subject matter expertise – for example Fund Servicing, regulatory change and product launches.  
  • Likewise for the BA population, highly communicative analysts with prior experience in the various aspects of financial services are in high demand.
  • A skillset that seems to be less sought after at present is Programme/Portfolio manager level roles, particularly for interim and consultancy – we are seeing a lot more utilisation of permanent resources in this space on a leaning towards attracting this level in a longstanding capacity.
  • Salary and Rates remain consistent and there has been no spike, however supply and demand for specific skillsets will impact this over the next 2-3 months.

For further information, please contact Laura Thorburn.

Investment Management & Asset Servicing

  • Market activity has started to pick up within investment operations for both temporary and permanent positions.
  • Organisations increasing demand within Client Service areas and responding to demand of new client wins, system implementations, and departmental restructures.
  • Additionally, roles being relocated from London is causing increased demand, and creates attractive career opportunities for those looking to relocate from London.

For further information, please contact Steven Fairlie.

Risk & Compliance

  • During 2016 pressure from regulators was driving the requirement and salary growth for risk professionals. 
  • Roles in stress testing and risk modelling saw the highest salary growth with Financial Crime roles following closely.
  • In 2016 emphasis was on implementing new regulatory frameworks, with employers across the Scottish Financial Services market looking to attract top calibre candidates.  This will continue to be the case heading into 2017. There has been an increased demand for candidates with asset management experience, especially those with familiarity regarding breaches.  Roles which relate to analytics, methodology or governance are commanding attractive salaries.        
  • Risk professionals in high demand:   
    • Regulatory Risk (extensive FCA exposure)  
    • Model Audit  
    • Technology Audit   
    • Asset Management 
    • Risk Modelling       
    • Client Money (CASS) 
    • Stress Testing & ICAAP 
  • Skills/ Experience in Demand
    • IT Skills; SAS, SQL and VBA
    • FRTB (Fundamental Review of the Trading Book)
    • Basel III
    • CASS
    • UCITS and AIFMD legislation
    • Risk Framework Modelling
    • Credit Risk Assurance

For further information, please contact Ross Cameron.

Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations

  • Oil & Gas has noticed a slight upsurge in optimism due to the oil price rise and OPEC deciding to cut productivit
  • There is hope that if the price can reach $70 this will allow stalled projects to kick off and see recruitment activity start again across the manufacturing sectors.
  • Investment is continuing across the food and drink industry; with new independent breweries doing well and more established drinks companies investing in new sites
  • There is also a lot of optimism across the high technology sector, with; high value, low volume and specialised engineering products doing well.
  • Candidate availability has increased with overall confidence in the sector increasing and more individuals are now willing to make career moves.

For further information, please contact Duncan Clark.

Contact Call Centre

  • As we expected we saw a slow-down in the month of December of job vacancies across Contact Call Centre and Banking operations
  • This was in both Temporary and Permanent roles and at entry level to senior roles.  

For further information, please contact Catriona Short.

Human Resources

  • More candidate availability especially towards the senior end of the market
  • Constant demand for HR Business Partner roles      

For further information, please contact Lynn Fairservice.

Supply Chain & Procurement  

  • Brexit 'more costly for UK than EU'  
    • British firms’ supply chains will suffer more from Brexit than those of European companies, an analysis has found.  A study by think tank Bruegel found that where the British economy was highly dependent on EU supply chains and would be severely hit by tariff increases, the reverse was not true.
    • The UK’s automobile and transport sector is likely to be among the hardest hit by Brexit, whereas a sector like pharmaceuticals is likely to survive the effects of the transition relatively well.  

For further information, please contact Danielle Scott.

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