Within the Business Services team, business has been fairly consistent with last month. As I predicted in the last bulletin, the time of year has seen an uplift in the amount of contract roles becoming available. Following on from our candidate open night last week, we now have a number of candidates that we will be looking to place which should stand us in good stead for the month ahead.  

Office Support & HR  

Indeed the main difference in the market from our last update has been the rise in seasonal roles, with summer holidays beginning to take effect. Beyond that, there has been little significant movement or change in the landscape over the last month. At this time, the split between temporary and permanent roles remains approximately 50/50. Within the HR market, roles continue to outnumber candidates at all levels, with limited movement at Director level.  

Contact Centre  

In the contact centre space, there has been a continuation of last month in that we have seen an increase this month of mid to senior level managers looking to move organisations. There continues to be a high level requirement for advisor and customer service level roles within both the regulated and non-regulated markets. Generally, salaries are unchanged across all areas from last month.

Lynn Fairservice is Director of Business Services

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