The following section identifies specific challenges for internationally based roles that you should consider in advance:  

Passport and Visa 

  • Is there anything that may exclude you from entry/working in another country
  • Many organisations will conduct a full pre-employment check (medical, security clearance/disclosure) on preferred candidates. Outcomes of these checks may affect a full employment offer


  • Is there an alumni/professional networking group you can/have joined in preparation for your relocation? Early involvement in location-specific networking groups can help support you pre-arrival and can be useful for intelligence gathering pre-interview 

Cultural Awareness 

  • Are you/your family prepared for living overseas
  • Have you spent time in the location itself to acclimatise to a different way of working/living 


  • Have you researched cost of living (including housing/education, if children are also relocating?)
  • Be clear on what attracts/motivates you to working internationally and to the particular country or city 

Language Skills  

  • Can you show evidence of a second language if needed
  • Are you willing in advance (or in-market) to learn another language 

Your Future Employer 

  • Investigate what internal support there is for you/your family relocating
  • Large organisations may support relocation, but it is worth checking the range of this support (regarding, for example, from estate/housing agents, setting up local bank accounts, enrolling children at schools/doctor etc.)

Studies have been undertaken by the UK government on emigration from the UK.  

Much of the resources and up-to-date UK government advice on living and working abroad from tax to National Insurance questions can be found here.