As part of our Social Value commitment, Change Recruitment Group (Change) has developed a procurement policy to support our purchase of goods and services in an ethical and sustainable manner.


The procurement process depends on the type of purchase:
  • One off (e.g. consultancy service) or repeat (e.g. office stationery)
  • Low, medium or high value
  • Budgeted or not budgeted
  • Cash or credit purchase
  • Fixed asset or consumable
  • Routine or emergency
The Policy guides our staff, with appropriate delegated authority, on the commissioning of services/goods.
The Policy has been introduced to safeguard our assets, prevent and detect fraud or error, ensure that accounting records are accurate, complete and up to date and ensures that appropriate staff understand their purchasing duties and responsibilities.

Principles of the Process

Steps Approver & Delegated Authority Levels Requirements

Appropriate Budget Approval


Director : where spend appears in
Business Plan or Board Director for non-forecasted

Project Approval Paper: 1 page on
need, specification of
services/goods, cost/benefits and
management of process including

Accounting and Budgeting

User and Finance Manager for all
proposed spend items.

Raise PO and confirm approved
supplier. Credit Check (if

Market Testing

User and Operations Manager for
sub £1,000 purchasing

Minimum 3 quotes from proposed
service/goods providers against
original specification

Written tender and tender process
Selection based on price, quality,
delivery, ‘after sales’ terms and
added value to our business.

A Tender Board will be created for
purchases £1,000 and above.
A clear Business Owner will be

Written/closed responses will be
scored by the relevant individual and
recommendations presented to
Tender Process.
Tender implementation will be
managed by the relevant manager
Close out report will be produced
within 1 working week of
service/goods provider being

Approval and authorisation of

Budget Holder/Director

Reconciling service (as per Project
Approval Paper) and actual
Payment to supplier

Finance Manager

Within REC guidelines and 28 days
of appropriate invoice being
submitted for payment.
The Procurement Policy is owned by our Head of Finance.