As we saw last year, the Scottish technology market will continue to be competitive and candidate-driven throughout 2019. Overall, we expect to see some significant growth and changes within the IT industry, which guarantees an exciting year for recruitment.

Changes to IR35

One of the new, or relatively new trends, we expect to see this year is an increase in the number of contractors switching to permanent positions. After last year’s government crack-down on contractors and subsequent changes to IR35 laws for the private sector, many current contractors are now looking to secure permanent positions either within their current companies or at new organisations.

IR35 and HMRC changes have also resulted in higher contractor rates within the public sector and created even more opportunities within the private sector. At the moment, SLC, Scottish Water and other public sector organisations are reducing their contractor numbers to comply with the IR35 changes.

Fintech vs. Financial Services

At the moment, the Fintech and start-up sectors are booming and are managing to compete against financial service companies to attract the best and brightest. Talented candidates, who previously were attracted to banks, are now considering the start-up sector as offering more career development, variety and rewarding opportunities.

To compete, some banks have restructured and are expected to go through various phases of VR. As they rebrand and become more ‘Challenger Bank’ focused, they’ll be able to attract more technology candidates. 

General IT Recruitment Trends

When it comes to attracting talent, companies will need to adapt to new expectations. Over the last two to three years, candidates’ priorities have changed. Candidates are no longer solely motivated by a high salary, but now also consider the types of projects and technologies, flexible work arrangement and the company’s culture when considering a job offer.

Throughout the recruitment process, we’ve also noticed that candidates are changing how they interact with companies and job opportunities. Long gone are the days of relying only on email. Today, candidates use WhatsApp, meetup and messenger to engage with the recruitment process.

Companies and Roles to Keep an Eye On

  • Demand and competition are high for technology candidates with skills in data, cybersecurity, cloud operations RPA and AI. However, software development remains the most sought after skill set.
  • Java Development, followed by Microsoft, is the most in-demand skill in FS and SME/software market
  • Following senior hires in 2018, Morgan Stanley is expected to continue to grow and develop their technology function in Glasgow.
  • JP Morgan will continue to be the most active IT employer in Glasgow
  • Clydesdale’s acquisition of Virgin Money is likely to be the most extensive integration project of 2019 in Glasgow
  • Edinburgh’s largest acquisition project continues to be the integration of Aberdeen Asset Management and SLI as well as Phoenix and Standard Life Assurance
  • CGI, Sopra, Cognizant, Deloitte and Wipro have committed to opening development hubs in central Scotland.

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