Change is committed to making a difference to our people, clients and candidates. We’re also committed to help, where we can, improve the environment, the position of others in the community and be a diverse  and socially aware organisation.
These commitments are captured in this policy which outlines our approach to corporate and social responsibility in Scotland, the UK and internationally and is guided by our Board, our values and our policies & procedures.
THEME Initiatives What we do Making a Difference

Business Ethics and Codes of Conduct
We adhere to REC Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct. This underpins our Change Customer Charter.

Supporting Charities and

Our 'giving' endeavours are largely focussed in Scotland, and over recent years we have shown our corporate support through a staff selection process to Yorkhill and Sick Kids Hospital and CHAS.  In 2018 we will support SAMH as our nominated charity.
We recognise volunteering can be personally and professionally rewarding and our programme offers Change employees time to volunteer with either or nominated charities and with initiatives/projects which are important to them.
Our aim is to raise annual funds for our selected charities. To date we have significantly delivered on this.
Diversity and Inclusion
Young People
in Work

We work with the organisation Career Ready. Career Ready lead and support a national movement of employers, schools and colleges, working to raise the aspirations of 16 to 19 year olds. The student population is diverse and tends to be focused on those who may not gain access to a university place. We’re attempting to bridge the gap between the classroom and the boardroom.
We offer two students the opportunity every year to be mentored by one of our team.  We offer paid internships to students in both our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices.

Women in
Business and
on Boards
We fully support the Government's 50/50 by 2020 agenda and, as such, we are committed to supporting women in their careers: helping them to develop and meet their aspirations. Specifically, we have several women from Change who are members of Women in Banking and Finance in Glasgow & Edinburgh, a not for profit membership organisation founded in 1980, staffed primarily by voluntary Executive and Management Committees
Change is committed to supporting and advising attraction, selection, retention and career development of women in this sector.


Our policy of managing and monitoring our environmental impact is a responsibility for the entire Change team
We also offer our Scotland offices (free of charge) for charity events


Supporting Economic Growth

Change is committed to supporting new start up and small businesses which have the potential to contribute to economic growth. Change has been an Ambassador for Entrepreneurial Spark since 2013. is the world’s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures  and their vision is to create an entrepreneurial revival across the UK. They work in collaborative office environments suitable for building teams where business receive free IT, Wi-Fi, access to business advice and support. Its aim is to make businesses more investable but focusing on the individual, developing entrepreneurial mind-sets and behaviours to enable acceleration and growth.

Change contributes to the advisor pool, supported by our 50 specialist mentors, providing networking opportunities, workshops and pitch practice
Working with suppliers and partners


Through our own procurement policy, we engage with our partners in a social contract which reflects our own values including engagement with small, mid-size  business organisations. Our commissioning of services (web development, online advertising etc.) is prepared to ensure that SMEs can engage with us for business.
In line with REC's payment terms guidance, we pay all suppliers within our standard payment terms.


Keeping updated

As a sustainable employer, we constantly seek to improve our own performance. We use the resources of Scottish Business in the Community, Zero Waste Scotland, SCVO among others to ensure that our initiatives are responsible and will make a difference to our business, customers and stakeholders