When you look to make your next career move, one of the first things most people will do is refresh their CV with their latest experience and skill set. 

A very interesting article was recently published in the Harvard Business Review recently that talks about the language that people use when they are writing, and how sometimes being too smart can cause the message you are trying to put across to be lost.  

Scott Taylor Associate Director of Accountancy & Finance offered some interesting insight from his recent conversations with clients;

“A common piece of feedback that we have from clients is how candidate CV’s are too short, too long or lacking in contextual achievements that are relevant for the role they are applying for.  In markets where there is greater competition at all organisational levels for roles, sometimes CVs miss the point and the messaging that a client would be interested in is lost.  The role of a recruiter is to help individuals tailor their experience and CV’s to present their CV in a factual and contextually appealing format, dependant on the clients wishes and preferences,  and ultimately present their skills in the strongest and easily understood context.”  

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