Change Recruitment Group (Change), as a responsible employer and business, adheres to legislation, regulatory and best practice environment. We have established policies and procedures which cover all aspects of our business and operations, ensuring we are mindful of our duties as a responsible and socially aware organisation. These policies are captured in our Employee Handbook which forms part of our induction for new starts and is accessible to all staff on our Intranet.  

The following section outlines how we seek to minimise risk to individuals who work for us, visit us and who we interact with and for our own business.



Policy & Procedure

Clients, Candidates, Colleagues & Communities

Summary of Policy

Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy All This policy established controls to ensure compliance with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption regulations (including Bribery Act 2010) and ensures that Change's business is conducted in a socially responsible manner.
Change Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Polices All This policy details our disaster recovery process with specific details of all processes, procedures and people involved. This is actively managed and regularly updated.
Complaints and Escalation Process All Our process to address and resolve complaints and issues raised by customers, partners and stakeholders. There is a separate Grievance Policy for complaints raised internally. 
Diversity Monitoring Form All

Our voluntary monitoring form is used with registered candidates and monitors/informs our own approach to inclusive candidate attraction, acquisition and section.

Environmental Policy All Linked to our Social Value Policy, we outline targets and monitoring for improvement against the 3 environmental principles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Supporting this policy is the development of our own Procurement Policy.
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy All This policy sets out our approach to Equal Opportunities in accordance with current legislation and best practice thinking.
Flexible Working Policy Colleagues This policy sets out the routes by which formal or informal requests to flexible working can be made.
Harassement and Bullying Policy Colleagues This policy outlines procedure when dealing with bullying or harrasement in the workplace.
Health & Safety Policy All Describes how we manage and deal with Health and Safety in our workplace.
Information Security & Data Protection Policy All This policy details how we manage and make secure all data and information in accordance with current legislation.
Leaving the Company Policy Colleagues Outlines the process and procedures for anyone leaving the company.
Lone Working Policy Colleagues This policy outlines the process, procedures and risks associated by lone working.
Procurement Policy All Ethical and sustainable policy to purchasing goods and services.
Record Retention Policy Colleagues This policy outlines the data management we have inplace with regards all records we keep in accordance with relevant legislation.
Remote Access Policy Colleagues This policy outlines the process for all employees who require remote access to our systems and data.
Social Media Policy Colleagues An outline for all colleagues on how to use social media, when it is appropriate and how to get the best of this for Change.
Social Value Policy All Outlines our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. It covers People, Planet and Profit. 
Stress Policy Colleagues Defines and outline our process for dealing with stress in the workplace.
Substance Abuse Prevention Policy Colleagues Outlines our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. It covers People, Planet and Profit.
Whistleblowing Policy All Our process for colleagues “making a disclosures in the public interest”.