Why Use Remote Interviews

Increasingly, due to travel time and costs, geographic locations (of interviewers and candidates), and/or business and environmental policies, organisations use video/tel/skype conferencing for interviewing.  

  • Remote interviewing can be used to:
  • Carry out preliminary screening before deciding to invest in a face-to-face meeting
  • Carry out initial screening if a large number of candidates have applied for the role
  • Evaluate telephone skills where the role on offer involves extensive time on the telephone
  • Interview formally for globally dispersed candidates/organisations  

Prepare for this interview in the same way that you would for a face-to-face interview or meeting. In some ways, it’s more important, as it’s slightly harder to get your personality across over the phone or videoconference than it would be in person.  


  • Check your phone/computer connection well in advance to make sure that you won’t suffer any technical problems
  • Confirm a date/time (zone) and lead for call/dial-ins, including lead interviewer contact details
  • Ensure that you have the preferred pronunciation of the interviewers: getting the detail right sets a good tone for the rest of the interview
  • Be prepared before the call/video starts. Ensure you limit any distractions (other phones/iPads, background home or office noise)
  • We convey messages unconsciously through our tone of voice and body language, so it’s important to be aware of how you are communicating. Remember that there may be some time delays, so leave a pause before and after any interview exchange
  • Consider cultural differences, and don’t use colloquial language, as it may be lost in translation. Be clear and concise
  • Seek reassurance that you have answered questions fully
  • Closure is just as important as opening the conversation. Don’t be afraid to take control to ensure that you know the next steps of the process
  • Let them know that you are keen to advance in the process 

What if They Don’t Call When You Expect?  

You have their contact information, so call them to say that you were expecting the call or send a message.

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