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Change Recruitment: "Thanks for joining us Andrew. We clearly work in an age of globalisation, so where are the best technology hubs worldwide?"

AF: "Scotland, and in particular, Edinburgh, is one of the key technology hubs in the UK that certainly rivals London. With over 3,000 start-ups in the last five years and home to two 'technology unicorns', Skyscanner and Fanduel, there is a lot of buzz around the digital sector. It's an exciting sector to be recruiting in and to support this growth, businesses, universities and the Scottish Government have invested in initiatives such as Codeclan to ensure we are nurturing local talent"

CR:   "And how will this affect and develop IT recruitment this year?"

AF:  "The technology market continues to be candidate driven and we will see a greater emphasis on recruiters developing 'talent communities' and building relationships with a passive network of candidates. This way consultants become true specialists in their area and are able to source talent the growing direct hire and RPO models are unable to attract. IT recruiters will be more active and integrated into specialist areas via forums, groups and networking events in order to build trust and credibility with a deeper knowledge of technologies and sectors."

CR: "Thanks for your input Andrew, appreciated!"

Andrew Finlayson is Director of IT, Digital & Change

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