What does it take to be a great contractor in today’s rapidly changing digital world?

Communication Skills

It’s a fact that all the successful contractors that pass through the doors at Change Recruitment are excellent communicators.

We live and work in a frenetic world. As an interim, you will be expected to work across a business with an ability to build working relationships at speed. Your colleagues within an organisation will be used to working to tight deadlines, brief email responses and delivering multiple projects under pressure.   

 The clarity of communication and an ability to understand what is being communicated become vital traits of a great contractor.

A Lesson from A Master Leadership Trainer

You may or may not be familiar with the book on the 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People by  Stephen Covey.  The first habit he describes is 'Begin with the end in mind'.

This habit is critical for any contractor as it helps you consider what it is you want to achieve when communicating; irrespective of the medium.

There is a considerable need for contractors to get up to speed on a company and project fast. How you communicate and what you communicate can accelerate or hinder your progress.

For example, sending an email think, “What do I want to achieve by sending the email?” Do I want to communicate information? Alternatively, do I want an action to be taken? If it's a face to face meeting, what do I want the outcome to be? This will impact both your outcome and results.

Multi-Sector Approach

One of the characteristics that will appeal to companies is an interim who has a wealth of experience across many sectors. This means that the hiring company can tap into a contractor’s knowledge of what works in other sectors. Also, it means that an interim person can get to grips with a new project at speed, saving their client time, resources and money.  

Being a Specialist

While working across many sectors appeals to some clients, others are looking for not only specific sector experience but specialist knowledge and skills. For example, in marketing, it could be that a skill gap around press relations has been identified in a project and therefore there is a need for someone with specific media connections who can work with an internal PR team. To be an outstanding contractor who is in demand, you will need to be at the top of your game in your chosen specialist area.  

Ability to Fire Fight

When a contractor is brought into a project, there are issues and gaps that need to be plugged. While getting to grips with the issues is critical, so is being able to firefight. It is not unusual for an interim to be brought in because what was a problem has now become a crisis and specialist expertise is required. Being able to unpack the issues, problems and moreover, deliver solutions is a fundamental skill of any successful contractor. Is it time to start looking for a contract or interim role?  

About Change Recruitment

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