One of the fastest-growing and most innovative cities in the UK, Edinburgh is an eclectic hub of business growth. More than just the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is an inspiring destination, packed full of potential for any job candidate in search of a significant change in their life or career.

Today, Edinburgh is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, Scotland's National Records suggest that Edinburgh's population will grow by 28.2% by 2037. If you like to work hard, pursue your passions, and reap the rewards, Edinburgh could the perfect place for you.

Working in Edinburgh

In 2018, Edinburgh earned the title of "Most attractive City to Live and Work In" for the UK. The title came from a study issued by the Royal Mail Group, which assessed cities based on their education options, healthcare, employment potential, and more. The survey found that employees in Edinburgh can earn an average of £578 per week. This gives the city the second-highest earning potential in the UK - just behind London. Additionally, Edinburgh is also home to the largest number of start-ups, with office space expenses about half that of London. Edinburgh frequently earns recognition as a vibrant capital city with an increasing population, strong investment potential, and diverse economy. The employment rate is currently at a strong 70.8%.

Thriving Sectors in Edinburgh

As the powerhouse of the Scottish economy, Edinburgh has consistently ranked as one of the most prosperous parts of the country. The average salary is £28,010 per year with the most popular jobs available in financial services, banking, technology, and more. Those in the financial services sector are spoilt for choice in Edinburgh.

The city is home to the Royal Bank of Scotland, and it's the UK's largest financial services centre after London. Scotland's capital has also been leading the life assurance market for more than 200 years and thrives as a major banking environment and is home to Europe's largest asset fund manager, Aberdeen Standard Investments.

Beyond financial Services, Edinburgh's key sectors include life sciences, software development, and energy and the prestigious University of Edinburgh is constantly ranked in the top 20 global educational facilities, bringing countless experts into the field each year. Turning towards all thing creative, did you know that Edinburgh was the world's first UNESCO City of Literature, which makes it ideal for those interested in creative industries.


What may be a surprise to many, is that Edinburgh is also Europe's most attractive destination for technology entrepreneurs and employees with Edinburgh University committing to train more than 100,000 data scientists in the next decade.

In summary, this means one thing: career opportunities abound, yet what is life like living in such a rapidly growing city?

Life in Edinburgh

As attractive as Edinburgh is as a place of work, it has more to offer than just a thriving career. The exceptional history of the city makes it one of the most compelling cultural treasures in the world. It's architectural, and natural beauty draws the attention of more than 4 million visitors each year.

When you're not updating your LinkedIn profile, you'll find plenty of things to do and see. In the recent Royal Mail study, the city came out on top in "access to green space", with nature covering 28% of the city. Scotland's largest city is also the third most popular regarding cultural services, with the city playing host to the world's largest arts celebration once a year, in the form of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

If you're looking to live in a place thriving with culture, career opportunities, and growth, then Edinburgh may be the ultimate place for you. Discover the opportunity of a lifetime with your specialist recruitment agency.

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